Funding Advice

Do you have connections to established Fab Labs or makerspaces? Maybe they can help sponsor you. If not, here are some other funding ideas -

  • Start a crowdfunding campaign with a compelling story, and promise creative prizes to your supporters. Then, go viral on social media! You’ll have access to all the fab lab tools, so you can make the prizes during FAB10. Indiegogo

  • Are there companies, telecom providers, petrol corporations, educational institutions, NGOs, government programmes, business incubators, or individuals with funding who want to support local makers? (Look at the sponsor logos for technology-related events near you.) Get a contact, pitch your story, and explain how attending this conference will help you grow the movement and connect with a global community. Your story could involve entrepreneurship, helping your community, broadening educational opportunities, etc.

  • Contact a local airline that flies to Spain. Tell them about your inspirational projects and awesome ideas for growing the maker community. Airlines that fly to Spain (skyscanner)

  • Submit an amazing world-changing project for the Global Fab Awards! Finalists will a free ticket to FAB10.

  • Email [email protected] to propose an activity for the Fab Festival! If your idea is chosen, you'll get a discounted conference pass enabling you to come and implement it in Barcelona during the conference weekend. Design a unique workshop (i.e., make a light-up Nigerian headdress or learn traditional Japanese wood joinery)—and we may get sponsorship to bring compelling workshop organizers to FAB10.

  • If you are coming from India, please sign up here for a chance to get discounted airline tickets.

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