Fab Textiles

Questions the way fashion industry and education have transformed our life in a given fast and unconscious way.

Inside a triggering and innovative environment, the fab lab sets the ground for experimentation on new materials and processes through a technological prism that addresses innovation and entrepreneurship. New ways of manufacture arise combining traditional methods and new digital tools.

This applied research is about integrating technological advances into the textile industry and education.

The Showcase

The showcase is a selection of young and skillful creators that combine fashion design, technology and wearables, a practical approach on how sensor driven textiles, integrated solutions for everyday life, digital couture and interactive performance come into our everyday life. Architects, fashion designers, engineers and programmers get together through multidisciplinary synergies reinventing and establishing new ways in approaching fashion, wearables, materiality and production.

Fab textiles showcase fab10

EXPO - tuned clones

The mannequin is a physical representation of the human body. Yet, it has always been the canvas of creation in fashion. Digital arts have facilitated the transformation of sculpture and plastic design, where the “body” has always played an important role. Departing from the idea that creation should not take anything for granted, we reimagine and digitally process the mannequin. Every time that the digital model takes its physical form, different fabrication processes and materials outstand to tune the outcome.

The Team

Anastasia Pistofidou, Lana Hamdam, Anya Popova, Angeliki Terezaki, Jin Shihui, Mery Glez, Carmen Aguilar

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